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Heliotrope News, Issue #011 -- Jan 2014 News
January 06, 2014

Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a good 2013 and are looking forward to 2014.

Our programme for 2014 is complete (baring one or two extra ones that may add later). Many of our favourite teachers are coming back this year and, we are excited to welcome, all the way from New York, Eve Holbrook for her first holiday with us (11th – 18th May).

Please see here for full information about our 2014 programme:

Over the last couple of years rises in flight prices have made it harder to get away, so it is well worth keeping an eye out for good deals. With that in mind it might be worth having a look at Monarch who have a sale on at the moment – having a brief look this means that those coming from UK can fly to Antalya for a reasonable price of around £250 or less depending on the dates. Have a look at their webs Website for more information:

All the best

Aidan and Sine

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