Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a good 2009 and are looking forward to the first of the new decade.

We are excited to welcome several new teachers to Heliotrope this year; we’ve finally persuaded the vastly experienced Ros Bell, who guided Aidan through his teacher training, to come; Rachel Lovegrove, who teaches many yoga holidays each year is also giving our special part of Turkey a try; and we also look forward to Amparo Rodriguez coming for her first time.

Of course, our favourite ‘regulars’ will also be back in 2010 – Sheila Haswell and Ally Hill will be doing two weeks, and Ursula Schoonraad, Barbara Hicks and Brenda Hobdell will also be teaching.

2009 also saw the use of our new venue ‘Onuncu Koy’, a lovely hotel set in the mountains overlooking the beach at Adrasan, with a really good indoor yoga space in the grounds (see website for details and photos).

We had a very busy 2009 – moving from London to Istanbul and then buying an old, derelict house overlooking the Bosphorus and restoring it. We just moved in a couple of weeks ago and now have a yoga studio in the basement – look out for Istanbul yoga breaks (probably long weekends) possibly later this year.

All the best and hope to see you this year!

Aidan and Sine

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