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Heliotrope News, Issue #014 -- Mar '17 News
March 20, 2017

We sincerely hope that you are all well.

You may have noticed that you have stopped receiving monthly e-zines from Vidados on our behalf. Vidados actually went into liquidation recently so that is why that has happened. To be honest, we joined forces with them in order to help promote our holidays (but definitely not to help organise and run the holidays, which is still 100% done by us), but we never felt like it was a success so this is no big loss to us.

Anyway, it will be back to the more occasional e-zine from now….

What I did want to let you know about is that we have a new week in Turkey with a fantastic Russian teacher that we had the good fortune to come across recently called Olga Zvontsova . This holiday will run from the 24th September until the 1st of October at Onuncu Koy.

We are aware that many people are no longer interested in coming to Turkey in light of recent events here - we do understand this, of course, although there are also some who have been to us before who are adamant that they want to come back - after all, where we run the holidays is very far from any potential trouble and is still a wonderful and relaxing place to visit for a yoga holiday.

For any of you not aware we are starting to work with a new venue to us in central Portugal called Brejo Fundeiro. We are very excited about this new collaboration and hope to see some of you there! Information about the venue and the surrounding area can be found here: Portugal - Brejo Fundeiro

Hope to see you soon!

All the best

Aidan and Sine

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