Covid19 Protocol

During this time of the Covid19 pandemic we have formulated a protocol to minimize risks from the virus.

Here are the basic points:


- Drivers and passengers will all be required to wear facemasks

- Hand sanitisers will be available

- empty seats will be left between passengers. Taxicars will hold 2 people maximum and minibuses will hold 6 people maximum.

Yoga Studio

- mats will have at least 2 metres gap between them.

- students will each have a set of props which they will exclusively use throughout the week.

- these props will be put neatly onto a chair with the student's name after each class.

- props will either be washed in between different groups or will be 'quarantined' for 48 hours

- anti-bacterial spray will be available in the studio

Around the Hotel

- meals will be taken either outdoors with seats spaced apart, or in a very well ventilated building again with seats spread apart.

- hand sanitizers will be available throughout the hotel.

- rooms will be sanitised and left empty for 48 hours before arrival.

Please note; it is up to customers to organise their own suitable travel insurance.

We will be following Turkish governmental rules which are similar to UK ones.

This protocol is by no means exhaustive and we will endeavour to update it as guidelines / laws / scientific understanding evolve.