Sample Menu


Consists of a plentiful and healthy take on traditional Turkish breakfast. Turks like to eat tomatoes, cucumber, various cheeses, boiled eggs and olives with soft white bread for breakfast. We also provide nuts, fresh seasonal fruit (the area is rich with citrus fruits, figs and pomegranates), dried fruits and delicious local honey and jams.
The breakfast will be accompanied by Turkish tea or fresh coffee. Herb teas and freshly squeezed fruit juices will also be available.


Eaten under the star-laden evening skies.

Mercimek Corbası (Turkish Lentil Soup) - a delicious lentil soup with an unusual flavour.
Roka ve Turp Salatasi (rocket and radish salad)- grated white fresh radish, mixed with fresh rocket dressed with extra virgin olive oil and lemon from the garden.

Antalya Piyazi (Beans a la Antalya) – this cold meze is made with white flageolet beans and tahini sauce with garlic, vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Simple and delicious.

Coban Salatasi (Shepherd’s salad) - fresh, plump tomatoes are mixed with Turkish peppers, red onions, cucumber, fresh lemon juice, pomegranate extract and extra virgin olive oil. Laced with thinly sliced parsley from the garden.

Imam Bayildi (The Imam has fainted) The general belief among food aficionados in Turkey is that the Imam (religious leader) fainted when he first tasted this dish, because it was so delicious! A whole aubergine is lightly fried and filled with sweet onions, tomatoes and herbs before being cooked in its own juices.
Asure - a very traditional and seasonal desert traditionally consisting of 41 ingredients including dried fruits, nuts and grains. It is slow cooked and then served cold with pomegranate and sesame seeds. The healthiest desert you will ever taste!

Both Hotels have alcoholic drinks (beer, wine, spirits) available.