A typical day at Heliotrope might be:

Tea - and if you need it, fruit and yoghurt/honey available to provide some fuel for the yoga class to come!

2 – 2½ hours yoga lesson instructed by one of our experienced teachers (possibly earlier in summer to beat the heat)

Hearty breakfast buffet. See sample menu

Free time. On most days there will be an optional excursion to one of the local places of interest. Or walk around the nearby area. Or take a dip in the swimming pool. You can also just chill in the shade of the garden with a book and some freshly squeezed fruit juice.

1½-hour Yoga class (generally relaxation / pranayama). On a boat trip day this will not take place.

Three-course, delicious, healthy meal eaten under the evening skies.

Relax, chat, read, take a moonlit walk. Or curl up in bed and read a book - a day at Heliotrope can be tiring...