Yoga Courses - Details

Here are details of the yoga courses provided by our various Yoga teachers:

Yoga & Walking Week

Yoga and walking weeks combine the two activities in such a way that they complement each other as much as possible. Each day will start with a 2.5 hour yoga class of a general/beginners level then, after a large brunch, various walks will take place. These will vary in length with longish walks on a couple of days and shorter walks other days.

This area is one of outstanding natural beauty with stunning coastlines, mountains and forests. There are also many relics of the ancient civilisations which thrived in this area (especially those of the Lycians) .

This area is at the heart of the Lycian Way; a recently opened way-marked route that runs 480km from Antalya to Fethiye.

After walking during the day, there will be a restorative yoga class especially tailored to relieve tired legs before supper.

Yoga & Writing Week

12th - 19th May 2013

This holiday is designed for those who have some practice in both yoga and writing. You may be more experienced in one than the other. The level of experience is not important, for in both practices we encourage a return to fundamentals. We will have two yoga sessions and two writing sessions per day, and still have free time to enjoy the surroundings.

Our Iyengar yoga sessions will pay some attention to the needs and issues of writers in yoga. You might find ways that the two practices connect, and how they might inform and support each other.

The writing workshops will focus on narrative writing, relevant for fiction or non-fiction, short or long forms. Aspects of narrative will be covered in talks, discussions and exercises and you can develop a short piece during this week. You will have the chance to ask anything you like from a widely-published writer with extensive teaching experience. Come and re-vitalise your practice, your plans, your self.

Inez Baranay

Inez Baranay is the author of ten critically acclaimed books and many stories and essays. Her novels include The Edge of Bali, Always Hungry, With The Tiger and Neem Dreams. Non fiction includes Rascal Rain: A Year In Papua New Guinea and sun square moon: writings on yoga and writing (available as a free ebook at Most of her books, as well as new writings, are available as e-books and many short pieces can be read online.

In Australia, India, USA, Bali and Europe, Inez has lectured on writing issues and taught creative writing in universities, schools and community groups, given many readings and talks, been a guest at conferences, seminars and festivals, and been a resident at various international writers’ centres (Click on "Testimonials" at her business page). Inez has practiced Iyengar yoga since 1981 and been to the Iyengar Institute in Pune three times. She created a yoga and writing workshop in 2001.

For more biography, more about her books, and to read pieces online: go to

photo of Inez courtesy of Melissa Hobbs