Yoga For Beginners

Frequently Asked Questions

Is yoga just for flexible people? Yoga can be taken up by anyone; young or old; fit or unfit; flexible or stiff; skinny or well built. Our teachers will be able to assess what you can and can’t do initially, and adapt their program and/or specific poses to suit you.

Is yoga a religion? Yoga is not a religion – rather it is physical and psychological discipline that can help us feel more ‘harmonious’ and ‘centered’. This may awaken or strengthen our spiritual selves, but there is no specific or denominational religious component to yoga practice itself.

What does yoga mean? Yoga is often translated as meaning union. It can be understood as integration – of body with mind, mind with soul.

Will yoga help me keep fit? Although yoga doesn’t involve the obvious cardiovascular workouts of running, swimming or other traditional ‘aerobic’ exercise, it can actually provide a very effective means of keeping fit. Iyengar yoga involves the holding of strenuous but mostly static poses for relatively long periods of time, which raises the heart rate. This is done whilst trying to keep the breath steady and even. Thus the health of the heart, lungs and breathing apparatus is enhanced without much of the breathlessness that is commonly associated with keeping fit.

What health benefits does yoga have? Practicing a range of yoga poses regularly helps keep the various bodily systems working efficiently. See benefits of yoga for more information.

Will yoga help me feel less stressed out? Participating in a yoga class involves a period of time where your focus is taken into yourself and your body. A state of calm concentration should result, which can take us away from our preoccupations and woes, and help put them in perspective!

What if the poses are too difficult for me? Iyengar yoga is particularly tailored towards helping stiff and uncooperative bodies benefit from the postures. The use of yoga props help us overcome our difficulties and can guide our bodies towards being able to do the ‘final poses’. For this reason it is a good beginners yoga.

Can yoga improve my posture? Iyengar yoga emphasises the alignment of our bodies within the yoga poses. The understanding this gives us helps us to correct our bad habits and anatomical misalignments. The more practice we do, the more we carry an improved posture ‘off the mat’ and into our everyday lives.

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