Cathy Tincknell

Cathy attended her first Iyengar yoga class as an art student in 1982, after that she was hooked.
Twenty years later, she finally trained as a teacher so she could spread the word! 

Over the years she has been very lucky to be taught by many wonderful senior and advanced teachers across the UK and in India. She completed her Junior Intermediate 3 training in 2012, and continues to study.

Her classes are good fun and cater for people of all ages and levels of flexibility. Beginners are guided with clear instructions, and more experienced students are challenged. 

Attendees say they feel better coming out than they did on the way in! 

She teaches mostly in her home studio in South London, both live and via Zoom, but pre-Covid she also taught corporate groups in central London.

When she's not teaching or practising yoga, Cathy works as a Children's book designer and author.